About the Institute

The Montsegure Institute was founded originally in 1985 in Crestone, Colorado under the Name ‘Cathare Institute’. Its mission is to cultivate the awareness of Gnosis and intuitive Knowing as direct communication and communion with the Source of Life. Furthermore the Institute provides a repository of historical and timeless teachings springing from the inherent gnostic faculties of mankind.  Choosing as the namesake the historical gnostic movement of the Cathars – whose last stronghold was the castle of Montsegur in Southern France – the Institute’s founder, Karin Di Giacomo, acknowledges the luminous strength of the spirit of the Cathars, who brought healing, consolement and light to the medieval cultures of the West. Over the years, the Institute has sponsored lecture series on western spiritual roots, gnostic movements from the Essenes to the revival of Alchemical tradition, on Kabbalistic  and Hermetic topics. With this Blog, the Montsegure Institute wishes to create a space to share and evolve our understanding of the truth and beauty of inner immanent gnosis.

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