Author Bio

Karin Di Giacomo’s  background includes Master’s Degrees in Economics and Psychology and she is a state licensed German Heilpraktiker (Naturopath). During her professional career, Ms. Di Giacomo worked as an international business consultant, manager, college faculty member and as a Gestalt Therapist in clinical and private practice.

She has studied Alchemy, Astrology, Gnosis and Hermeticism for more than 50 years. In the 80s, she was part of the Founding Group of The Philosophers of Nature, which had as its mission disseminating knowledge of Plant Alchemy (Spagyrics) in North America. Studying Gnosis, Mysticism and Magic, i.e. Hermeticism, she also has been involved in metal-casting Hermetic Seals and Talismans in the Renaissance magical tradition. In the area of developing intuitive approaches, she created together with Lionel Di Giacomo a comprehensive training program for professional Tarot consultants. A keen interest in history, spiritual traditions and gnostic movements as well as her training in transpersonal psychology give her work a solid and broad foundation.